Eddystone Point

Already renowned for its outstanding fresh produce, pure water and pristine beauty, Tasmania is also home to some of Australia's most respected cool climate wines.

On the rugged, northern tip, Eddystone Point stands as a beacon - producing a wine range of outstanding quality, even by Tasmania's high standards.

Eddystone Point

The investment in Eddystone Points choice of vineyards sets the winemaking team up to receive fruit of the very best quality possible, which is the key to producing premium cool climate wines.



Long standing relationships with Tasmanian growers, (many of whom grow not just wine-grapes, but poppies, sheep and a variety of crops as well), combined with a dedicated and passionate cool climate viticultural team provides the assurance that fruit quality is always the focus.

The attention to detail occurs in the vineyard. Eddystone Point's experienced and passionate viticultural team work diligently alongside our growers, guiding and supporting them to ensure fruit quality is the focus and flavour ripeness is optimised.


Eddystone Point reaps the rewards of the years spent by passionate people such as Ed Carr, who believed in the potential of Tasmania to produce premium fruit, and who continue to explore the opportunities presented by the diversity of sub regions Tasmania has to offer.

First released in 2013, Eddystone Point realises the winery team's vision to create wines that are drinkable, affordable and represent the undisputed quality of Tasmanian fresh produce.

Meet the winemaker

Stewart Byrne

Tasmanian born and bred, Stewart initially began his career studying rocks and soils, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science (Geomorphology). Upon completing his degree, and while undertaking an Honours degree, he frequently found himself conducting soil analysis for various Tasmanian vineyards as a means of part-time work. This eventuated in spending the following year working in the vineyards at Stefano Lubiana Wines.

Stewart spent the following two years travelling, working and tasting his way around the world’s wine regions, and upon returning to Australia, undertook two degrees simultaneously, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Oenology and Viticulture, and a Bachelor of Science in Wine Agribusiness from Curtin University, where he received the Leeuwin-Talijancich Award, given to the Dux of the Curtin University Program.

Stewart gained valuable cellar experience working for two years at Stella Bella Wines in Margaret River, particularly working with Chardonnay. He then completed vintages in the Swan Valley (Houghton Wines), Oregon (Elk Cove) and Tasmania (Bay of Fires Wines), before joining Josef Chromy Wines in 2011 as Winemaker. After seven years at Josef Chromy, Stewart has now returned to Bay of Fires to look after the Eddystone Point wines, where his obsession with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir continues.

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